Louvre Roof

At Advanced Design Innovations, we design, fabricate and install engineering solutions for Architects and Builders in the high end commercial & residential market.

We have developed versatile steel products with a large range of applications in commercial and residential architecture. Our products solve frequently encountered problems in unique and elegant ways.

Specialising in Retrac Louvres, Louvre Roof, Automated Bi-Fold Screens and Pivot Panels.

Generally, our clientele are Architects who are looking for that signature element in their project but need someone like us who can step in and do the job when no-one else either can or wants to!

Bifold Screens, Opening Roof and more

Advanced Design Innovations provides high-quality Retrac Louvres, Automated Bi-Fold Screens, and Pivot Panels for commercial & residential applications. As the leading name in the industry, we have an extensive range of products and provide a wide variety of louvre styles and sizes- fixed or operable systems that are best suited for a multitude of stunning applications. Our Retrac Louvres are suited for both residential and commercial projects. Our team is well-equipped to design, fabricate, and install engineering solutions to create functional spaces.

Complete Solution for Retrac Louvres and Shutter Systems

At Advanced Design Innovations, we combine the strength of our craftsmanship and advanced technology to provide brilliant engineering solutions. Our engineering and design capabilities allow us to deliver high-tech, made-to-measure products. We provide excellent Retrac Louvres, Automated Bi-Fold Screens, and Pivot Panels that are designed to suit your specific needs. Our custom engineering solutions are tailor-made to ensure optimal performance. When we design, fabricate, and install louvers, we take care of your specifications for the finishing materials and make sure to deliver exact dimensions. We offer functional sun control solutions for residential and commercial buildings. All our automated systems are brilliantly engineered and tested for functionality.

Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We make sure that our customers are satisfied and more than happy with our products, as well as services. Our team of experts maintains the highest level of quality standards on all levels of designing, manufacturing, and installation. Whether you need retraceable roofs, Sun Louvre, or Shutter systems, we offer a wide range of products that add functionality to your home or building.  Depending on your specific requirements, we can design and install fixed, operable, or sliding louvers that allow controlling the sun and heat. We are also experienced in installing manual and motorized bi-fold screens that can create a seamless facade.

The louvres we install can be easily adjusted between open or closed positions using a motorized system. When you choose our Retractable External Aluminium Louvres, you can easily reduce glare and solar heat. Whether you’re an Architect, a Builder, or a homeowner, our fully retractable louvres can provide you the best shading and insulation solution. At Advanced Design Innovations, we provide fully automated systems with features like wind and sun sensors to protect the buildings. Our products not only ensure high performance but also provide a sleek and contemporary feel to homes and buildings.

Our Retractable roofs and sun louvre systems are the first choices of engineers because it comes with the feature of retracting the louvres back when you want to enjoy the sky above & extend them back in to place when you want a comfortable haven.

If you are an Architect, a Builder, an Interior Designer or the like, or you just have your own personal project where you want something “GRAND” and/or “AUTOMATED” in your home, then contact the sales team to discuss your ideas further.